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Need a chair cleaning service?


We deep steam clean all upholstered chairs, dining-room chairs, office chairs, boardroom chairs, and bar stools. Using a deep steam cleaning, hot water extraction method.

Our detergents are all colour-safe and gentle even on the most delicate of fabrics.

All chairs are cleaned on site, and not removed from your premises.

After hours and weekend service available for cleaning  of office chairs. With on site supervision.

Not many people realize that their office space needs to be comfortable so they can improve their work functionality and efficiency. Most people will neglect the cleanliness around their professional setting and situation because they think that such thing isn’t important or crucial. Well, if you want to improve your work efficiency, you should consider about cleaning your personal space at work.   

By cleaning your office chairs at least twice a year you will keep your office space a lot healthier and you prolong the life of your carpets ,couches and chairs.

Office furniture is a large expense for any business and professional cleaning of your office chairs can go along way to ensuring you get a long life out of your investment. As well as financial sense, regular cleaning of office chairs will keep your workplace healthy and hygienic, and your staff happy.









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